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Botox Manchester – From the Amazing Lush Aesthetics

Do you dream of regaining a smooth, unlined face? Of softening unwanted wrinkles and looking instantly younger and more refreshed? If the answer is yes, Botox Manchester may be for you. You might be surprised at how easy it really is.

Here at Lush Aesthetics, we specialize in providing Botox treatments, helping to wipe away those lines and recapture a more youthful looking you.

A safer alternative to surgery, Botox in our clinic is carried out by highly trained aestheticians. With Lush Aesthetics you can be sure to get beautiful results every time, whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a more radical transformation.

Suitable for everyone

Surgery involves the use of anaesthetics, and this always carries a risk no matter how skilled the surgeon is. The beauty of Botox is that there’s no need for a general anaesthetic; it’s a treatment which is quick, convenient and accessible to all.


Botox has been around for many years now, and its use has been fine-tuned to perfection. Whether it’s your crows’ feet, lines around your mouth or forehead wrinkles that you want to get rid of, Botox is the perfect treatment to give you results which will make you look younger and more refreshed instantly.

Choose the look you want

Offering anti wrinkle injections, Lush Aesthetics can help you to create the exact look you want.

From soft and natural to a more dramatic transformation, Botox injections can produce a wide range of effects.

Softening lines and gently smoothing the face can provide a subtle change, leaving you looking radiant and youthful. Botox can also help to bring about more noticeable changes too for those who want a complete rejuvenation, banishing wrinkles and lines for a flawless appearance.

The type of look you want is entirely your choice and before your session, our Aestheticians will discuss what you want to achieve. This allows us to customize the treatment to precisely match your needs.

The secret that no-one need know…

After you’ve had a Botox treatment from Lush Aesthetics your friends and family will notice how good you look…but unless you choose to tell them, they’ll never know your secret!

Unless you deliberately opt for a more dramatic change, our Botox treatments will help to gently smooth out wrinkles and lines while still leaving you looking natural.

Your skin will look more youthful and refreshed, with a smooth appearance which can’t be achieved with cosmetics alone. And with each session only lasting 30-40 minutes, you can pop in for a treatment and no-one need know…

Visit Lush Aesthetics today for the best botox Manchester

Having Botox has never been easier; simply book a no-obligation consultation at our clinic and discover how we could help you. Younger, smoother-looking skin could be yours; why wait any longer?