Lip Fillers Manchester

Lip Fillers Manchester – By The Amazing Lush Aesthetics Clinic

Have you always wanted a plump, seductive pout, with lips which are simply irresistible? Well maybe lip fillers Manchester is what you need.

With Lush Aesthetics we can help those dreams become a reality with our non-invasive lip fillers.

Whether your lips have lost that wow factor as you’ve aged, or whether you’ve never been blessed with full, plump lips, Lush Aesthetics can create the perfect pout.

Using the latest technology and with only the most expert Aestheticians in our clinic, we can help you to discover lips that you absolutely love.

Low-risk treatment that really works

Deciding whether to have cosmetic surgery can be a major decision but having a lip filler is a low-risk alternative that can be managed safely, easily and conveniently.


With each treatment typically taking no longer than 30 minutes to administer, lip augmentation is a non-invasive alternative which has been proven to really work.

Lip injections have been used for many years, and this has given science the chance to refine and perfect the treatments available. When delivered by expert Aestheticians from Lush Aesthetics, you can expect to enjoy truly stunning results.

Pick your perfect pout

Here at our Manchester clinic, Lush Aesthetics offers no-obligation consultations for all of our clients. We believe it’s essential to understand the look you’re trying to achieve so we can tailor the treatment to what you want.

Some clients prefer a subtle boost to their natural lip line which gives an instantly youthful appearance without being too obvious. Others want a more dramatic transformation to create lips that simply cannot be ignored!

What you choose is entirely your decision and Lush Aesthetics can provide expert advice and guidance to help you pick the look that’s right for you.

Speedy recovery

Lip enhancement treatments in the Lush clinic are speedy and convenient, offering fast results without compromising on quality.

Once your treatment is complete you will be free to leave and can simply get on with the rest of your day. You won’t need time to recover and for most people, post-treatment there is no pain and only minimal swelling. This can be treated with the gentle application of ice if required but should resolve completely within 24-48 hours.

You’ll see the transformation immediately with the full effect visible within two days. Your friends and family won’t need to know a thing…. unless you choose to share your secret with them!

Book your Lip Fillers Manchester with Lush today

Come to Lush Aesthetics to enjoy the very best quality lip augmentation treatments at the lowest cost. Give us a call to book your no-obligation consultation and discover a more luscious-looking you today!